Become A Leader

Call for Candidates

Your Medford Food Co-op board of directors is seeking owner-members to serve on the board. Your board ensures that our goals and operations benefit our owners and build an organization that will serve the community into the future.

Who can be a director?

Any owner who is supportive of the Co-op and interested in its continued success is eligible. The board's role is primarily visionary, not operational. Effective directors enjoy working in groups, are open to new ideas, and carefully evaluate information before making a decision.

What is the time commitment?

Directors will be elected to a three-year term (pending passing of proposal to change our by-laws from a 2-year term) and attend monthly board meetings and occasional committee meetings.

Four seats are open this year, and three incumbents will run again. While we only need one person to fill the fourth seat, we'd prefer to have several candidates running so that our ballot offers more choices. Candidates are placed on the ballot either by being nominated by the board or having the support of 15 co-op owners.

For more information or an application:

Contact Anne Carter, General Manager