Cierra Gorman

How long have you been cooperating?
I have been working at the Medford Food Co-op for about 8 months now.

What do you do at the co-op?
I am the Bulk Department Lead, also do some cashiering, and I also have experience in the Produce department. I am on the Outreach Committee, helping to make decisions about local events and donations. I just try to fill in wherever I can to help the store exceed its potential and further my skills and expand my knowledge.

What brought you to the co-op?
I graduated from an enviromental college in Upstate New York, traveled across the country with my lovely partner and landed in Southern Oregon. I applied for jobs that fit in with my values of environmental consciousness and local production services. I did not expect I would be working in the food business, as I have a degree for Sustainable Energy Management. But every day I learn more and more about how everything is biologically connected, and every action has a reaction. Sustainably sourcing food is one of the most important ways to cut back on our excessive carbon footprint, which is a personal goal of mine.

What do you like best about your job?
I love that every day I learn something entirely new. Whether it’s from our amazingly conscious customers and owners, or my hardworking, knowledgable coworkers. I also make decisions about the sources for our food in the Bulk department, which gives me the opportunity to purchase from local producers and carry out the Co-op’s, as well as my own, mission and values.

Tell us your co-op favorites:
Thai Curry Cashews (from the Bulk section!)
Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Cookies
Live Soda Doctor Kombucha

How has working at the co-op affected your life?
It has improved my eating habits and reminds me of the importance of taking care of my body. The world is more toxic now than ever in our human history and we need to change our ways and have discussions together. The people at the Co-op have those discussions and I think it is very important and I find myself pleased to share the same ideas as others, as far as wanting to live a  healthy, happy lifestyle.

Tell us something we don’t know! (Tell us something about yourself others might not know):
I was Young Hunter of the Year in 2010 and won a scholarship to hike the Teton Mountains in Wyoming for two weeks.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Spend time outdoors, exploring the area with my love Ryan. I practice yoga, and enjoy spending time at home just cooking and dancing. I also spend a very significant amount of time FaceTiming various family members, as I am far from home (NY) and I have family all over the world.

Where did you grow up/where have you lived in your life?
I was born in Upstate New York, but was raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and spent some time in Mississippi. My family moved back up north, where I spent middle school through college, and later moved to Oregon.