Bicycle Benefits: Ride Your Bike and Save

Last year the Medford Food Co-op started participating in a program called Bicycle Benefits. The Bicycle Benefits organization encourages everyone to ride bikes more regularly to more places and is currently active in cities across the USA. Bicycle Benefits aims to increase overall bicycle traffic, reward cyclists for their non-motorized movement, offer businesses a tool they can use to increase bicycle traffic in the community, and create a program which helps shift the transportation paradigm.

Businesses that choose to partake in the program reward participating riders with a discount and sell the Bicycle Benefits helmet stickers for $5 each. To join the program, riders must purchase a $5 helmet sticker at any of the cooperating locations. To earn the discounts and rewards offered by local businesses, cyclists must ride a bike to the business and show the Bicycle Benefits helmet sticker at the time of the transaction.

Here at MFC, we offer riders engaged in the program a $1 coupon off a $10 purchase when they ride their bikes to the Co-op. Around 30 businesses in the Rogue Valley are currently active in the Bicycle Benefits program, and the rewards and discounts offered vary by business. If you are interested in joining the program, ask one of our friendly cashiers to purchase a $5 helmet sticker the next time you visit the store. Once you purchase the helmet sticker, all you have to do is ride your bike, show your sticker, and start saving!