About Us

Our History

Medford Food Co-op was incorporated in 2006. An initial fundraising effort led to the selection of a leased location in mid-downtown Medford, but after improvements had been initiated, the plan was discontinued. A subsequent effort was initiated the following year to locate a new site and raise the necessary funding to purchase equipment and inventory. Thanks to the perseverance of leaders within the local cooperative community, the second effort to open a store was a success. By August of 2010, the goal of raising half a million dollars was surpassed through co-op member-generated loans and new share purchases. And on August 8, 2011, Medford’s only community-owned grocery store dedicated to organic and natural products opened its doors.

Our Vision

To cooperatively nurture a healthy community

Our Ends Statement

Medford Food Co-op exists to sustain a vibrant, healthy community and a thriving local, organic food economy. As a sustainable and growing business, Medford Food Co-op provides economic, environmental, and social benefits for the Rogue Valley. Our community understands and embraces: the health and economic benefits of choosing local, organic food; providing all residents access to healthy food; and the cooperative business model.

Our 10 Year Vision

Our ten year vision positions Medford Food Co-op as a community leader in the local food system, cooperative enterprise, nutrition and health education, and employment. We envision continued support and growth of local farms and food producers, an expanded local food distribution system to make local, organic food readily available to all residents of the Rogue Valley, and a strong community donation/grant program to encourage and promote businesses and organizations with compatible goals and ends.