Last Minute DIY Holiday Gifts

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of shopping for last minute gifts for friends and family, choose the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) route this year. Let your loved ones know you care with thoughtful gifts made just for them. Craft your homemade gifts with love and let the uniqueness shine. You can give DIY gifts an extra personal touch by tailoring the gift to the recipient's preferences and using high quality ingredients. DIY gifts also tend to have the benefit of being low cost. Peruse the list below for ideas, or utilize your personal talents and go your own way:

Seasoning Salts: Infuse salt with chiles, citrus, mushrooms, herbs, or wine. A dash of seasoned salt can take your dish to a whole new level! Find easy to make recipes here:

Spicy Honey: Honey infused with hot pepper. Pairs nicely with strong salty cheeses, and adds a real kick to a cup of tea! Get the recipe now:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls: Chocolate & Peanut Butter – what's not to love? Whip up a batch for someone on your list with a sweet tooth:

Cookies in Jar: Use your favorite cookie recipe and layer the dry goods in a jar. Make a cute label with the instructions, and you've got gift-ready cookies in a jar! Check out these recipes to get started: and

Candied Nuts: Candied nuts are perfect for snacking on and are always an exciting addition in salads. Full of protein and healthy fats, these are perfect for someone who loves to snack. Peruse a recipe here:

Cranberry Syrup: Drizzle it on dessert, pancakes, or mix up a cocktail. This festive syrup only requires a few ingredients and adds a nice holiday twist to your drink or dish. You can make it with sugar or with maple syrup: or or

Granola: Making your own granola is quick and easy and generally healthier (less sugar, better oils) than what you find in the store. Follow the recipe or go with your gut:

Cranberry Chutney: Give as a gift or make a batch for your holiday meal. Find the recipe that best matches your personal tastes: or or or

Lip Balm: Perfect for stocking stuffers! You can customize this natural lip balm according to your preferences:

Infused Booze: Mix up the perfect holiday cocktails with infused booze! Tailor this gift for the adult on your list or infuse some water for the kiddies:

Compound Butters: Make butter even better! Incorporate fresh herbs and spices into butter with gourmet results:

Have fun with your DIY gifts and feel free to get creative! You can find wholesome, organic ingredients for crafting DIY gifts at the co-op.