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Help us grow and flourish by planting the seed of ownership this April! In addition to the benefits available to all owners, the first 75 to join during the Owner Drive this April will receive a FREE Medford Food Co-op tote bag full of amazing Oregon made products and valuable coupons (over $40 value!). Join the co-op today and support local growers and vendors!

Why Join Medford Food Co-op?

You Get:

  • monthly owner-only paperless coupons
  • an invitation to the Annual Meeting and Picnic
  • to vote for the Board of Directors
  • to vote on By-Law Amendments
  • the ability to run for a seat on the Board of Directors
  • patronage dividends in profitable years as determined by the Board or Directors

You Give:

  • to the local economy via purchase of local growers and vendors products
  • to the local community via community donation programs and volunteer opportunities
  • support for the sustainability of the Rogue Valley via support of sustainable agriculture
  • support for the growth of the co-op and its efforts

Plant your seed and help us grow the local economy! 

We love supporting our local and regional vendors here at the co-op, so we'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of our fantastic food and body care producers from right here in Oregon. The first 75 new owners that join in April will receive valuable money-saving coupons or free samples from twelve of our awesome local and regional vendors:

Bob’s Red Mill from Milwaukie, Oregon

About: In 1978 Bob and his wife left their mill in Redding, California and retired to Oregon City, but fate stepped in one afternoon when Bob came across an old mill that was for sale. A few months later, Bob’s Oregon City based mill was producing stone ground flours and cereals for local customers. An arsonist’s fire tragically destroyed the building in 1988 but Bob worked to build the business again from scratch, creating the Bob’s Red Mill you know and love today.

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Dancing Rooster Superior Sriracha from Williams, Oregon

About: Non-GMO All Natural Sriracha and Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Mixed Nuts made with fresno peppers seasonally grown in Williams, Oregon.

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Genesis Organic Juice from Eugene, Oregon

About: Genesis Organic Juice Cooperative began producing juice in the early 1970s the way it was meant to be served and enjoyed: raw and organic. Today, we’re still owned and operated in Eugene, Oregon. We offer a full selection of raw and organic juices, smoothies, teas, and lemonades. Genesis Organic Juice is the sister company of Toby's Family Foods.

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Humm Kombucha from Bend, Oregon

About: Humm set out to make the tastiest kombucha ever, to offer it in bulk to minimize environmental impact, and to make it affordable to everyone. From the early days of brewing in the kitchen and delivering gallon jugs door-to-door, to their newest automated brewery and now one of the largest producers of draft kombucha in the US, they have stayed true to that promise.

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Hummingbird Wholesale from Eugene, Oregon

About: Hummingbird Wholesale is a full service wholesale distributor that incorporates humanity into the business relationship. They choose their products carefully, considering the sustainability of farming practices, nutritional value, and special dietary needs. They buy local and directly from the farmers whenever possible. Like the Hummingbird, they seek to sip the nectar of the earth without harming the flower.

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InEsscents Aromatic Botanicals from Ashland, Oregon

About: Inesscents™ Aromatic Botanicals strives to maintain the therapeutic integrity of their products by using minimal processing and by supporting organic practices. They believe in the wisdom of the Earth’s medicines and strive to maintain their purity and perfection.

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The Merry Hempsters from Eugene, Oregon

About: The Merry Hempsters® are manufacturers of organic vegan lip balms and medicinal skin care products. In keeping with their commitment to being an eco friendly company, they use the highest percentage of post-consumer recycled materials available for their packaging.

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Nancy's Yogurt from Eugene, Oregon

About: Some culture never dies and the culture of Springfield Creamery and the Kesey family has been growing strong since the Creamery’s inception in 1960. Today the Creamery remains solely family owned with 2nd and 3rd generation family members joining Chuck and Sue Kesey, the Creamery’s founders, in the day-to-day operation. And the family of dedicated employees remains the same as well - many of them, including yogurt namesake Nancy Hamren, have been with the Creamery for over 30 years.

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Nut-Fusions from Jacksonville, Oregon

About: The only peanut spread you'll hide from the kids: Natural Peanut Butter & Flavor Fusions from Wagon Trail Foods.

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Oshala Farm from Applegate, Oregon

About: Oshala Farm is family owned and operated by Jeff and Elise Higley. Jeff's passion for farming and background in organic vegetable and fruit production and Elise's passion for Western Herbalism collided into a full fledged herb farm in Southern Oregon's lush Applegate Valley.

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Siskiyou Alpaca from Cave Junction, Oregon

About: Breeding and raising strong, healthy animals is the foundation of their farm economy. Working with nature, they don't use "pharma" chemicals on the land or in the animals. No poisons are needed to raise healthy alpacas.

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Wild Carrot Herbals from Enterprise, Oregon

About: Wild Carrot manufactures everything themselves with the exception of their organic castile soap & bar soaps. They try to grow as many of the botanical ingredients as they use in their products or they wild craft them themselves in the surrounding area. They source organic ingredients whenever possible.

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