Positive Change for the Community, by the Community

When we established the Positive Change program in January of this year, our goal was to raise $500 to $1,000 each month. After the numbers were tallied at the end of the first month, we were amazed to discover our community had stepped up with $2,465.11 to donate to Community Works! We are deeply grateful for our community’s encouraging generosity. That generous spirit is the bedrock of this program. Thank you for believing in the power of change and the power of community – it is truly making a difference in people’s lives.

The funds donated in January helped to build security fencing for the residents of the Community Works Transitional Living House, and a laundry facility will be constructed on their premises in the near future. Every month since then, your donations helped us give a small gift to a different local non-profit organization so they can help improve the lives of fellow community members. Year to date, you have given an average of $1,897 per month. Thank you. THANK YOU. We can never thank you enough for your kindhearted giving, so we’re just going to keep paying it forward.

Inspired by how quickly small change adds up, MFC will begin providing a mini grant to each Positive Change recipient beginning in January 2020. In addition to all funds donated at checkout through the round-up program, each monthly recipient will also receive an additional $200 from the Co-op. As the Co-op grows, we’ll grow the amount we contribute each month.

We are currently accepting Positive Change applications from local non-profit organizations for potential 2021 recipients. Applications are due back to us no later than January 31, 2020. If you work for, volunteer at, or are otherwise affiliated with a local non-profit organization, encourage them to apply to be a 2021 recipient of the Positive Change Program! Click the button below to download the application, or visit our Community Donations page for more information.

Positive Change Application

Reach out to us at outreach@medfordfood.coop if you have any questions about the Positive Change program.