We sell Cascade Organic Beef from a 4th generation ranch in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Organically certified since 2000, this closed herd is grass fed and finished. We offer a variety of unique cuts including roasts, osso bucco, organ meats, and soup/stock bones.

We are happy to offer Smart Chicken; Organic and ABF (antibiotic-free) chicken (including ground chicken and chicken sausage). Smart Chicken produces a high quality chicken and is certified humane by the Humane Farm Animal Care Program and is air-chilled. Seasonally, we get fresh, Organic, Diestel turkeys (including Heirloom turkeys); Watch for them mid-November.

Try our Port Orford Sustainable Seafood (POSS), in the freezer. This fish is all line caught (reduces by-catch, discards, and habitat destruction) by small fishermen on the southern Oregon coast. POSS works with Port Orford Community Stewardship Area (POCSA) to assure the sustainability of the fishery.

Darren Chan
Meat & Cheese Department Lead

My experience in the retail business began 37 years ago with my father in an independent, locally owned grocery store in Brentwood, California. Learning the meat cutting business from my father has been among the most rewarding and memorable experiences of my life. Not only did my father share with me his great knowledge of the meat cutting trade, but most importantly, his emphasis for exemplary service with his customers and respect for the people around him. Through my father’s teachings, I hope I can contribute what I have learned from him toward making the Medford Food Co-op a great success and positive attribute to the community.