Cooperative Community Fund

The Medford Food Co-op Cooperative Community Fund (MCCF) is a Give Where You Live campaign – a national effort to encourage community giving. Administered by Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation (TPCF), the fund serves as a means for co-op owners and shoppers to make donations to an endowment that donates to local non-profits organizations. TPCF invests the assets in cooperative development funds across the country – helping to grow food co-ops, credit unions, housing cooperatives, and other cooperative enterprises.

How MCCF Works

As the fund grows, the interest earned will be given annually to local organizations working on issues relating to sustainable agriculture and organic food, hunger and social issues, environmental protection, and/or cooperatives. Our Board of Directors will select one Positive Change recipient annually to receive an additional grant from the Cooperative Community Fund. Recipient organizations must have non-profit exempt status or tax-exempt documentation.

How MCCF Grows

You can help grow community giving by making a tax-deductible donation to the MCCF:

  • Make a monetary donation of any amount at any register at the Co-op
  • Mail a check to the Co-op (payable to Medford Food Co-op with “MCCF” in the memo)
  • Donate your patronage dividend

History of MCCF

The Medford Food Co-op Cooperative Community Fund was started thanks to cooperative principle number six: cooperation among cooperatives. We seeded the fund in August 2017 with a small deposit of $2,000, and Ashland Food Co-op kindly donated $3,000 from their own CCF to help grow cooperative giving in the Rogue Valley. The initial $5,000 was immediately matched with an additional $5,000 thanks to funds from Frontier Co-op, Organic Valley, and National Cooperative Bank. Thank you to all four co-ops for their generous donations and ongoing commitment to cooperatives!

Recipients of MCCF Grants

Pollinator Project Rogue Valley
$941.98 (2021) Pollinator Project Rogue Valley is a volunteer-led organization providing resources and education about the importance of all pollinators, beyond honey bees, for our food systems and our ecosystems, and the direct harm caused by pesticides. They inspire and empower people through education, advocacy, and action, bringing communities together to create safe pollinator habitats. They educate homeowners, gardeners, businesses, and community leaders about the importance of growing a landscape with native plants and using practices that benefit all pollinators – native bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and more.

Unete Immigrant Fire Relief Fund
$624.21 (2020) NOWIA Unete, Center for Farm Worker Advocacy which began in 1996, is a movement of farm workers and immigrants that strives to empower and enrich the lives of both groups through education, cultural presentations, advocacy, representation in issues that affect their lives and organizing to defend immigrant rights. The fire relief fund will distribute money directly to families for basic needs like food, gas and other essentials in response to the complications surrounding the recent fires in Jackson County. Unete is also assisting families with navigating community resources.