Become an Owner

How do I become an Owner of the Medford Food Co-op?

Ownership in the Co-op is voluntary and open to any individual or household group that desires to use the services of the Co-op and purchases a share.

Purchasing a Share

You can join the Medford Food Co-op by buying a share for $100.  Any individual can buy up to 20 shares.  Each person, no matter how many shares they own, gets one vote.  Owners’ shares have the advantage of being a low-cost way for the Co-op to build capital and maintain growth.

Can’t afford $100?  Pay $20 down + $10 a month! - Full Owner Benefits are available to those who make an initial payment of $20 toward a share and who then make minimum monthly payments of $10.

You’ll be reminded at the register when another monthly $10 payment is due.  If more than two payments have been missed, owner benefits will be placed on hold until all past due payments are made.

Redemption of Shares - If an owner chooses to terminate ownership, the Co-op’s Board reserves the right to determine whether or not to redeem shares.

Transfer of Shares - An owner may transfer shares to another individual or household that is eligible and interested in ownership.

Owner Rights, Responsibilities and Benefits

  • Support a Cooperative Business
  • Option to attend Annual Meeting
  • Voting rights to elect Board of Directors
  • Option to serve on Board of Directors
  • Voting on By-Law Amendments
  • Receive Owner Coupons

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