2016 Picnic on the Farm & Annual Owner Meeting

Thank you to all of our owners who braved the weather last Sunday for our Picnic on the Farm & Annual Owner Meeting at Pheasant Fields Farm. If you've never visited Pheasant Fields Farm before, you should know it is absolutely gorgeous! They have a large deck built around an enormous old tree that provides shade and (in our case) some shelter from light rain.

Board members and owners mingled under the tree and ​Dave Ouellette (who you might recognize from the produce department!) played acoustic guitar prior to the meal service.

Though the sky was dark, cloudy, and threatened rain all afternoon, we managed to make it through the meal service and the business meeting before the rain really started coming down. We had a decent sized crowd considering the weather, and judging by the compliments, everyone seemed to enjoy the food.

After the food was served, we gathered around for the business portion of the meeting. Jim Sims, the President of the Board of Directors, gave owners an update on the state of the Board, including election results for the open seats on the Board. Since we had four seats open and only three candidates, the election was uncontested. Jim, Kellie Hill, and Kristi Schoenbachler​, who was recently appointed to an open seat prior to the election, were all re-elected to serve on the Board. Anne Carter, the General Manager, followed Jim with an update on the state of the co-op, including our plans to begin construction on a deli in the annex later this year.

Just as we wrapped up the meeting and starting putting things away, the sky opened up and it poured. Even so, the evening ended beautifully: with a double rainbow as we drove away from the farm.