Community Donations

Our Philosophy

At Medford Food Co-op, we strive to promote the health and sustainability of our community through several donation programs, including:

Donation preferences are given to registered (501c3) non-profit organizations in the communities most commonly served by Medford Food Co-op. Priority is also given to organizations promoting local, organic food, food related issues, or community health concerns. Individuals, commercial enterprises, and partisan organizations are not eligible for donations. 


Positive Change Program

Spare change really adds up! The Positive Change program raises money for local non-profit organizations working to better our community. We believe in the power of change and the power of community – Positive Change combines these two beliefs into one powerful program. The Positive Change program is one of the many ways MFC fulfills the seventh cooperative principle: Concern for Community.

Next time you check out, say “I’d like to round-up for Positive Change,” and we’ll round-up the total of your purchase to the nearest dollar, or you can donate any desired amount. Each month, a selected non-profit organization will receive 100% of the donated funds. This program allows everyone to participate in creating positive change in our community. Thank you for making a difference!

Annually, the Board of Directors will select one Positive Change recipient to receive an additional grant from our Cooperative Community Fund.

Positive Change Program Details


Requesting an In-Kind Donation

In-kind donation requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks in advance of the event or date needed. Requests submitted less than one week in advance will not be accepted. Recipient organizations are eligible for in-kind donations a maximum of twice per year.

Donation Request Forms are available at our Customer Service counter or can be download via the link below. Include certification of your non-profit status, a copy of your program flyer, and any additional information about your organization.

Donation Request Form

Completed request forms may be emailed as a PDF to, dropped off at the Customer Service counter, or mailed to Medford Food Co-op, Attn: Outreach Committee, 945 S Riverside Ave, Medford, OR 97501.

You will receive an email about the status of your request. Email us at if you have any questions.


Tabling Requests

Tabling is open to community organizations, with preference given to registered non-profit (501c3) organizations. Commercial enterprises, partisan political groups, campaigning by those seeking election, or groups advocating a particular religion are not allowed unless they are expressly sponsored by the Co-op. Voter registration drives may be permitted.

Groups wishing to table at Medford Food Co-op must first reserve a day and time at least one week in advance. Tabling is limited to twice a month and only one group at a time. Please review the Tabling Policy & Agreement below for more details and email us at to schedule a tabling date.

Tabling Policy & Agreement