Cheesorizo Tasting

Gia, a cheesemaker and a long-time vegetarian, had been craving a spicy, savory, satisfying, sausage-like food to enjoy with eggs, on salads, and in tacos. Gluten intolerance made many of the commonly available products untenable, and soy chorizo brands didn’t cook crisp and seemed sweet and watery.

One night, about four in the morning, midway through a three-day cheesemaking class at her creamery, Pholia Farm, in Oregon, Gia awoke with a start, set up in bed, and said “Cheesorizo”. In her dream, she had applied her knowledge of making non-melting cheese to create a spicy, fresh sausage-like product that tasted like Mexican chorizo. It sounded so delicious that she made her first batch that morning and served it to the cheesemaking class who raved about the flavor and could not believe it didn’t contain meat. Stop by the co-op today and taste the dreamy Cheesorizo for yourself!