Arming Your Immune System for Autumn

Autumn is here! And along with the abundance of the harvest season and cooler night temperatures is the part that no one looks forward to: cold and flu season. The good news is that there are plenty of preventative steps you can take to avoid getting sick. Frequent hand washing, regular exercise, and vitamin dense foods should all be in your arsenal against illness this time of year. Visit our produce department for an excellent selection of locally grown, organic, and vitamin rich veggies, and then swing by our wellness aisle and check out the new immune-boosting items from WishGarden Herbal Remedies!

WishGarden Herbal Remedies is an independent, community-conscious business devoted to helping people achieve health and balance through the use of natural medicinal botanicals. All of WishGarden's herbal formulas use only certified organic or wild-harvested herbs. Give your immune system the solid support it needs to prevent cold and flu with WishGarden's best selling Kick-Ass Immune. Kick-Ass Immune is a unique and powerful team of immune, respiratory, and lymphatic herbs that support your body's natural resistance. In addition to the immune formula, we also have Kick-Ass Allergy to encourage a healthy immune response to seasonal stressors and Kick-Ass Sinus to aid healthy secretions. And when nothing else seems to do the trick, try Kick-Ass Biotic, the all-purpose, multi-strategy formula.

So before your friends, families, and co-workers inadvertently share the cold or flu with you, stop by the Medford Food Co-op and stock up on healthy foods and herbal remedies to give your body the boost it needs this time of year!