Board of Directors

The Medford Food Co-op is owned by community members who purchased a share of stock. Owners elect a board of directors from among owners in the community. The board of directors carries out the mission and vision of the cooperative with a focus on its long-term direction. The board hires the general manager (GM) to develop and implement business operations commensurate with the co-op's mission and vision. The GM is responsible for following policies established by the board governing management and operation of the co-op.

The board uses a system of governance called policy governance. Policy governance differentiates and defines the roles and responsibilities of the board and the GM. Policy governance is a system to organize the work of the board, as well as for the top leadership team of the co-op. It is a system for the board and GM to collaboratively function together. You may not be familiar with this system even if you have experience serving on a board. To learn more, read the board's Introduction to Policy Governance.

Medford Food Co-op Board of Directors meetings are the third Monday of each month from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Due to the pandemic, the meetings will be held online until further notice. If you are an owner who would like to participate in an online Board meeting, please email the Board President for an invitation to the online meeting:

The Current Board of Directors

Kellie Hill

Kellie is a Nutrition Therapist and proprietor of The Right Plan Nutritional Counseling. Kellie instructs cooking classes and advises clientele on finding optimal health using nutrient dense whole foods. She has authored two books: The Right Plan 2 Week Fat Loss Program and Cleanse & Detoxify Your Body.

Patty Casebolt
Vice President

Patty is the Chief Quality Officer of a large multi-specialty clinic, with more than 30 years of management and marketing experience. Patty has found her own healing can be attributed to healthy nutrition, and because of this, she is strongly invested in the continued viability of the co-op.

Roger Noyes

Roger has lived in the Rogue Valley for over 30 years. He has over 20 years experience in the grocery business, including almost seven years in the Grocery Manager position for Medford Food Co-op, as well as prior experience as the owner of a small natural foods store. Roger recently retired from the Co-op, and is looking forward to serving the community in a role on the Board.

Sarah Calhoun

Sarah's background is in consensus-based planning, grantwriting and management at a community-based clinic. She has been involved in community-supported agriculture for years and recently completed the Jackson County Master Gardener program. Sarah believes a connected community is a resilient community, and that food connects all of us.

Fran Batzer
Board Member

Fran was born and raised in Southern Oregon. Her plant-based lifestyle started over 11 years ago while in search of a way to improve her health. Fran is a Holistic Health Coach through Integrative Nutrition, a Gerson Healing Therapy trainer, a Vegan Fusion Culinary Teacher, a PlantPure Community Pod leader, and completed the eCornell Plant-based Nutrition Studies Certification.

Barry Robino
Board Member

Barry Robino worked for Grange Cooperative as General Manager and CEO 21 years. Barry has great respect for the cooperative business model and what people at Medford Food Co-op have been able accomplish together since 2011. He hopes to contribute to the continued success of Medford Food Co-op, keeping the needs of owners and employees first.

Matt Dorris
Board Member

Matt developed his passion for nutrition, cooking, and local food while living in Colorado. When he moved back to Oregon in 2017 to pursue a real estate career, Matt was delighted to see the Co-op and has been shopping here since. Matt believes that healthy food is one of the pillars that our communities are built on and he looks forward to working with the Co-op as it continues to grow.

Peggy Leviton

In 2017, I relocated from Humboldt County, where I worked as Finance Director of Food for People and served on the board of the North Coast Co-op. I find that the Co-op system provides a healthy business model for everyone involved, just as a thriving local organic food movement contributes to a healthy community.

Daniel Smith

Dr. Daniel Smith moved to Southern Oregon to begin his career as a Naturopathic Physician in 2004 and joined Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic in Medford in 2007. From a very young age he came to understand the importance of whole food, fresh air, proper nutrition and exercise.